2018. 06. 16. 12:55

Team Hungary is in the finals of Bocuse d'Or

Adam Pohner and his team finished at the 8th place at the European Selection of Bocuse d'Or. Other 9 made it to the finals from 20 countries. Denmark won the third, Sweden won the second and Norway won the first prize.

Hungarian Bocuse d'Or Academy is happily announces that its candidate Adam Pohner and his team (Frigyes Vomberg coach, Richard Csillag commis and Zoltán Hamvas president) will be there in Lyon at the Finals of Bocuse d'Or. The race was very difficult, it's easy to see that the expectations are higher every year. The result of the Hungarian team is also very great because Adam was the youngest candidate and obviously it was his first race. Hopefully he will continue the tradition that was started by Tamás Széll, who finished his first race at the 9th place, but 4 years later he won the European Selection.

As Adam Pohner came from Kistücsök from the countryside, it's also great to know that now not only Budapest means 'Hungarian Gastronomy' anymore. The biggest challenge is just starting: team Hungary has to prepare to the finals in Lyon, January.

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