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Adam Pohner is the winner of Hungarian Bocuse d'Or

Today, as part of Sirha Budapest on Hungexpo, the Hungarian qualifier of Bocuse d'Or has been concluded. The competition drew huge attention, bringing hundreds of visitors to pavilion “A” to witness who will get the chance to build their team and continue preparations for the European round, to be held in June in Turin.

The competitors were facing no easy task, as Tamás Széll and his European winner and worldwide fourth placed team have the bar really high.

In order of their appearance, the following chefs and their commis participated:  Richárd Elek, István Veres, István Volenter, Zsolt Haraszti, Ádám  Garai and Ádám Pohner.

The chefs all delivered well prepared performances and nice work, giving it all to show their top form in this important and prestigious contest.

The tasting jury featured such internationally renowned names as Enrico Crippa, whose restaurant in Alba, Italy under the name Piazza Duomo is proud bearer of three Michelin stars. Also present was Henrik Norström, runner up from Lyon in 2001. V4 countries were also represented with a Czech, a Slovak and a Polish chef in the jury. And of course, among others Tamás Széll, Zoltán Hamvas, Szabina Szulló and Ákos Sárközi were also casting their votes.

The contenders prepared two courses along one meat, and one vegetarian theme. The main ingredients were compulsory: veal tenderloin, trotters and marrow for the meat plate, risotto rice, gorgonzola and quail eggs for the vegetarian theme. The ingredients could be sourced yesterday from the vegetable market provided by METRO, where the surprise ingredients were also chosen with a raffle, adding chives and peas to the vegetarian dish.

Here are the winners:

1st place: Adam Pohner, Richard Csillag 

2nd place: István Volenter, Spekova Friderika

3rd place: István Veres, Dezső Szabó


Best kitchen work: Adam Pohner

Best teamwork: István Volenter and Friderika Spekova

Best vegetarian dish: István Veres

Best meat dish: István Volenter

Best commis: Friderika Spekova

At the ceremony Zoltán Hamvas, the director of the Hungarain Bocuse d'Or Academy also made it official, that Tamás Széll is going to be in the head jury of the European Selection is Turin. 

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