Bocuse d'Or Europe - Contest Schedule

Bocuse d’Or Europe, 10-11th May, 2016

Budapest, Hungary


Tuesday 10th May 2016

8.30 Beginning of the contest









United Kingdom



10.00 Inauguration of Sirha Budapest

13.30 Beginning of tasting for the fish dish

14.05 Beginning of tasting for the meat dish 

15.45 End of tasting

17.00 Official photo of the Bocuse d’Or contest


Wednesday 11th May 2016

8.30 Beginning of the contest











13.30 Beginning of tasting for the fish dish

14.05 Beginning of tasting for the meat dish 

16.45 End of tasting

18.00 Award Ceremony

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Tamas Szell has won the Hungarian Final of the Bocuse d'Or

Tamás Széll has won the Hungarian Final of the Bocuse d’Or and he will represent the country at the European Final on May 10-11, also to be held in Budapest.

1st - Tamás Szell

2nd - Adam Pohner

3rd - Istvan Volenter

Adam Pohner took home the prize for best fish plate and Laszlo Szabo won for best meat plate sponsored by Metro. Additional prizes were awarded for the the most decorative fish plate - Adamm Pohner and meat plate - Tamas Szell offered by Nespresso. 

Best Commis prize and the special prize of Lurpark awarded to Bence Pozsár at the Bocuse d'Or Hungarian Final. He was followed by Kevin Szabo in second and Reka Szegedi in third place. 

The team work prize offered by Hungexpo was given to the team of Tamas Szell and Kevin Szabo. 

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Gábor Molnár among the bests!

The European final of the most prestigious gastronomic competition has come to its end. The Hungarian team (Gábor Molnár chef, Péter Várvízi coach, Ádám Pohner comis, Zoltán Hamvas Hungarian member of the jury) has finished in 9th place among the 20 candidates. With this result the team has qualified to the world-final in Lyon next year.

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Dreams have come true

I still cannot believe my ears! A few minutes ago, Hungary was chosen to host the Bocuse d’Or European Finals in 2016. For anyone who appreciates what this means, they are opening the champagne with me right this minute. For those that do not, let me try to explain. It is as if Hungary was awarded the right to organise the European Football Championships, but instead of football, it is cooking. In fact, it is the world's most prestigious chef competition. Successful hosting of this event will mean international attention and professional recognition, thousands of tourists and above all, an opportunity for further development of Hungarian gastronomy.

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Mood report from the Hungarian final of Bocuse d'Or

The photos of the competition on 12th March have been posted to our website.

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