The Bocuse d’Or is not just a cooking competition, it is a highly publicised show. Many talented chefs have made a name for themselves by winning this competition.


Team Hungary is in the finals of Bocuse d'Or

Adam Pohner and his team finished at the 8th place at the European Selection of Bocuse d'Or. Other 9 made it to the finals from 20 countries. Denmark won the third, Sweden won the second and Norway won the first prize.

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Bocuse d'Or in Turin: The 20 competing countires unveiled today

For the very first time in the history of the contest, the Bocuse d’Or Europe travelling event will take place in Southern Europe. 

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Adam Pohner is the winner of Hungarian Bocuse d'Or

Today, as part of Sirha Budapest on Hungexpo, the Hungarian qualifier of Bocuse d'Or has been concluded. The competition drew huge attention, bringing hundreds of visitors to pavilion “A” to witness who will get the chance to build their team and continue preparations for the European round, to be held in June in Turin.

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